Boon Hill Gallery specializes in Chainsaw Art, we also carry a variety of unique collectibles that have been acquired over many years of travel.  Our inventory of carvings range from majestic soaring eagles to cuddly teddy bears. We try to carry a variety of size and price range to accommodate everyone from a family looking to put a piece of art on their front porch, to a business looking for an amazing attention getting show piece.

We have a large diverse inventory of chainsaw carvings created by various carvers from all across the U.S. Custom carvings can be ordered and completed but they will have to be done by using the best carvers across the eastern half of the country. The price will have to reflect the time and transportation necessary to go get your carving. The inside portion of the gallery consists of everything from ornate native american collectibles, most of which are hand made, a large collection of paintings, glass collectibles and other unique items.